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For 50 years, Minnesota State University has been home to one of the largest and most innovative educational institutions for children worldwide. The Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota Kids tears down tree trunk slides, climbs in giant treehouses and demolishes Kasota limestone. This imaginative space is designed for toddlers and elementary school children. Blue Earth and Minnesota River meet in this sprawling farm park - themed playground, outdoor amphitheater, children's playground and more.

Minneopa State Park was founded in 1890 to protect the Minnesota River and its tributaries and is the third oldest national park in Minnesota. It is located in the northern part of the state, north of St. Paul. The park is home to a US-Dakota War of 1862 that led to the hanging of 38 Dakota warriors.

1.6 million people live within 60 miles of Mankato and the population is 41,044, making it the second largest city in the state of Minnesota after St. Paul. It is home to the Minnesota State Fair, the largest sporting event in Minnesota, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in North Minnesota.

Visitors to Minneopa State Park also enjoy bird watching and visiting the long-abandoned Seppman Mill windmill. Greater Mankato offers a wide range of land for those who want to explore the country and experience the natural beauty of North Minnesota. The Main Loop Waterfall offers perhaps one of the most beautiful views in the entire state of Minnesota and is a great place to hike, cycle and camp.

If you need a city or city located 25 miles east of Mankato, you can export the Manksato results to the CSV and filter the value table. If you want to get a better idea of the number of cities and towns located more than 25 miles east or south of DFL, filter by city, city, county, state, or even county. If, for example, one forgets the city of St. Paul, which is 35 miles south - west of Minnesota City, but more than 25 miles north - it would be filtered by the city. I have shown the surrounding cities as well as the city of Minneapolis and Duluth County, Minnesota.

For more local history, check out Seven Mile Creek County Park, where you can enjoy stunning wildlife and river views. Park visitors wander past Minnesota-era wheat mills, holding a camera handy on Bison Drive Road to catch a glimpse of the herds roaming the 331 acres. Take advantage of the Mankato - Duluth - St. Paul Regional Transit System and travel across the river from city to city.

Cycling Trails - Cyclists can take a gentle loop through Riverfront Park and Sibley Park or try the 1.5 km Singing River Trail, which runs from Sakatah State Park in Faribault. In addition to bike trails, Mankato also offers a 13 km Red Jacket Trail, which includes an 80 foot high train track. There are also a few cross-country ski trails in the area, including the few that cross the St. Paul River, the Minnesota River and the Mississippi River. When it snows, the park's large toboggan hill is probably the most popular spot in Manksato.

Other events that keep your feet firmly on the ground and on the ice are the hockey classic Blues in Belgrade, which features local and national bands, and the annual Minnesota State Fair.

You can sample German-language beers that reflect our regional heritage, and you can attend the annual North Mankato Beer Festival, where you can sample breweries from dozens of regional and nationwide breweries. There are a variety of traditional beers, as well as beers from local breweries and craft breweries from across the state.

The town is located on the northern shore of Lake Minnetonka and its best attractions are the farms that flourished in the area. Due to its location on the lake, the city also offers the Nörenberg Memorial Garden, which is one of our top gardens in our country. The forest area offers breathtaking landscapes and an area of historical importance. On the corner of Highway 13 and Carlson Drive, the North Mankato Historic District is home to a number of historic buildings and monuments.

Beer drinkers will appreciate this family - owned breweries and one of Minnesota's most popular breweries, which offers year-round tours and tastings. The visitor centre and museum offer an insight into the family history of the brewery, but the tasting room is the best place to go and make a - more - one with all participants. This makes North Mankato the most affordable place to do business in the city, with a price of just $5.00 per person for an hour and a half.

In Mankato you can enjoy a wide selection of wines, beers, cider, wines and spirits, as well as food in spring, summer and autumn. Visit the Indian Island Winery Winery Winery and Brewery, which offers live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

More About North Mankato

More About North Mankato