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For a truly epic shot, walk to the pebble beach just off the coast, cycle along the path, capture the lighthouse (which offers a great view of Lake Itasca and its terminus) and take a photo of everything, including a lighthouse. To get the perfect picture, finish your visit with a meal in the sea salt restaurant. Have a friend take your photo as you walk along the stone that marks where the Mississippi River begins and ends at Lake Itasca. If you choose one of these routes, you can also do so in the headwaters area, which is about 25 miles from Paul Babe in Bemidji. Make sure you make it to the North Mankato Trailhead, which is just a few miles north of the hotel.

Minnesota State Highway 5 provides the closest entrance to Terminal 1, just steps from Interstate 494. There are several other major highways that border the airport, including Interstate 94, Interstate 35 and Interstate 75, and Minnesota State Parkway.

Runways 17 and 35 are used by U.S. Airways and United Airlines, as well as other airlines. Last year, the MAC voted to cut funding for sound-proofing projects, in part because the economic climate has changed since the attacks of September 11. Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, who is a founding member of ROAR, promised that the city would challenge the change.

North Central merged with Southern Airways to become Republic Airlines in 1979, and Republic merged with Northwest in 1986. The combined airline merged into Delta Air Lines in 2010 and controlled 79% of the airport's traffic. Planned expansions include the relocation of Terminal 2 to SkyTeam Terminal 3, a new terminal for US Airways and United Airlines, and an expansion of Terminal 4.

Terminal 1, the larger of the two terminals, has seven interconnected halls marked "A" and "G" and can be reached via security checks from north to south. The terminal now has 14 gates, and Concourse C has a tram service from Gate C1 to Gate C27, with a stop in the middle at Gate G12. Great Lakes Airlines has added a service to the small community that lost operations to the old carriers in 2010. The hub status was abolished in 2012, which the airline blamed on a shortage of qualified pilots.

Most other services are provided through the adjacent Transit Center, which has a bus stop at the northern end of Terminal 1 and a train stop at the southern end. You can buy tickets online to travel from North Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis - Saint Paul and Minneapolis International Airport to Minneapolis and other parts of Minnesota.

More About North Mankato

More About North Mankato